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Friday, February 23, 2007

More Fun Than We Ever Expected!

When we started planning our wedding the one thing that all parties involved could agree on was the importance of having a good photographer. We all realized that after the gown had been soiled, the cake eaten, and the last guest had left the room all we would have left from that special day were photographs! It was really important for us to find the perfect photographer to help make our memories last. We scheduled appointments with every photographer in the Kansas City area, but when we walked into Flashes' studio we knew that we were in the right place!
After reviewing our slideshow hundreds of times over the last two days we are certain that we couldn't have made a better choice! Not only are our pictures incredible, having Teri and her crew with us on that day was more fun than we ever expected! Teri's upbeat personality and amazing talent as a photographer make her a true blessing to anyone who hires her. We feel truly blessed to have gotten the opportunity to work with such an amazing woman and to have such incredible images of our wedding day. Flashes photography has made it so that the memories and feelings of that one special day will last a lifetime!
Stephanie & Brian Million

Monday, February 19, 2007

Bridal Boudoir

Girls... Ask about Flashes Brial Boudoir!!! Surprise your man with sexy...one of a kind photos of you...looking at the love of his life in a whole new sensual way....
The Bridal Boudior includes:
- Flashes Photo Session
- 60 images and a 20 page album
- Your choice of black and white, sepia toned, selective coloring, and my own color creations.
- Slideshow of images
- Top hair and make up stylist in the studio for you.
Call us today to book your session 816-781-2060.

Friday, February 16, 2007

The Gown Gallery

Our prayers go out to Sharon from The Gown Gallery/Bridal Loft today. Today it has caught fire and is expected to be a total loss. We were planning an fashion spread for the Perfect Wedding Guide in the next week and we are very sad that we will not be able to showcase Sharon's wonderful gallery.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

7th Row

Kansas city makeup artist Staci Broski of 7th Row did a fantastic job of Stevie's makeup for her wedding.
I want to encourage ALL my brides to give her a call....you will be blown away by her talent!!

Check out her website at www.7throw.com

Perfect Photographer

After meeting Teri and seeing her work, there was no question she was the perfect photographer for our wedding. She is amazing and has this special quality that allows anyone to feel right at home. Her pictures truly captured all of the emotions of our wedding day. They allow us to live the day over and over again, remembering all those special moments that went by so fast. The first time I watched our slideshow I was at work, but that didn’t stop the tears from falling, and I have yet to watch it without getting choked up. We are so blessed to have found Flashes and will never forget how much she has meant to us in these past ten months.
Stephanie and Dusty

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Michael Beers Band

Hey everybody I just thought I'd share a photo of my cousin Angie playing the drums of the Michael Beers Band after they were thru for the evening. Did I tell you guys that The Michael Beers Band is totally my Favorite Band in Kansas City!! You should check them out!! They rock.
I am sooo ready for spring!

The Flashes Crew

The Flashes Crew with Linda Woodman!!! This Mother of the Bride was so fun I just had to have my photo with her!!