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Friday, February 27, 2009

My Daugher- Brooke

Hey everybody I just wanted to share my daughter Brooke on page 346 of the PWGBook.
I was shooting on top of club 1000 (one of my favs to shoot at) and I was doing photos for an ad and I took Brooke with me(her first time in a wedding dress) she is 14 and I turned and snapped this shot of her...wow she just is so pretty. Then the other shot I took on floor 3 of club 1000 and wow this is a great shot!
She has been modeling since she was 2 for Hallmark, TV,Libby Lous and has been in 1 movie.
This child has over 40 commercials under her belt..
I hope you enjoy the shots :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What a GREAT week it has been!

I haven't had much sleep the last 5 days and it never felt sooo good!
Friday I shot photos at the Marriott Hotel in overland Park and it was so fun.
Sat I had a BEAUTIFUL wedding at the Hawthorne House and Heather and Bryan are a WONDERFUL couple! I can't say enough great things about this couple.
Heather's Mom called me on Monday and thanked me for doing a fabulous job...that was sweet!

Sunday was the PWG SHOW & was really good. I saw so many beautiful brides on Sunday too!!
FIVE of the most beautiful ones booked with me :)
Needless to say I was alittle tired on Sunday Night!

Holly Star ( she is on 38 the spot) came over Sunday nite to drop off the cutest puppies I am watching for her :) while she is in Dallas. I will post some photos later so I have 4 doggies in the house right now and they are all so darn cute!

Okay the new PWG book came out and I have some pics of fabulous brides in the back fold out...so check them out!

I have girls coming in all day on Thursday and they sound so fun. 2009 is going to be the BEST year!

I did receive a GREAT video from Village Video Productions Of Ashley and Dave's Wedding and they are on wedding gallery one...it was a FANTASTIC wedding and it is a FANTASTIC video Great job Bill and thank you for the video!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day Kansas City!

What a wonderful day...I did alittle shooting and got home early to my wonderful family :)
Hubby got me 4 dozen roses..made dinner and it has been a sweet day. Terrie ( a wonderful friend of mine came over for dinner and hung out with us...she actually has been my kids talent agent for over 12 years...some of the Cosby kids were her clients too)

I hope EVERYONE has had a great day and enjoyed the ones you love. I totally dig curling up on the couch by the fire and drinking hot chocolate while reading a great book...in the Midwest we just have to make the best of this cold weather and come up with a lot of fun things to do to keep from being bored...
Speaking of fun Mandee and Jason came over Friday night and I took some amazing photos of them and the baby on the way! You will recognize this couple they are the ONLY Wedding couple that KC has ever seen in the arrowhead stadium...doing my fun run shot!!
I will be posting a few on Sunday...they have turned into such good friends and I just love them.
Jason set me up a facebook account... here I go into facebook world :)

Nite KC

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Back home again! I LOVE KANSAS CITY!!!

I just got back from a road trip to OK...and it is so so so good to be home!
I planned on traveling home the other night when tornadoes were all over the place including my route home. The hubby calls and says...DON"T drive and the front desk tells me stay put ...the storms are bad , only in the Midwest right? Tornadoes in February!
Any how I really am glad to be back to KC...I don't think I will go back to OK...it is just NOT for me....
I do LOVE this town!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Our direct email is flashesone@kc.rr.com

Hey everybody.. our email off our website is not working properly...I just hate that.
Our website host says it is not them...Roadrunner doesn't answer :( sometimes technology can suck :(
Sorry for any inconvenience Kansas City!!! Please email us direct at

Digital ODEON is AWESOME and one of the BEST VIDEO companies in town!!!

We would like to offer your referrals a $100 service credit If they book us together.We really enjoy working with you.

See you soon,
Bora & Bogac Yenal.

Above is the email that I just got from Digital Odeon and these guys are fantastic!!!!
There really are only a few Video company's in town that are decent and these guys will ROCK your socks off with creativity and hard work! Oh My gosh...they totally kept up with me too.
Check them out! We worked on the Mangino's wedding together and Mona Shadfor and they just sent me the copies of their work....WOW KANSAS CITY THIS COMPANY IS GOOD!!!!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Information for other PHOTOGRAPHERS...

Hey Kansas City..

I just want to say to all the photographers from this city that have been calling me to ask me if they can shoot for me, work for me, pick my brain or get to know me...and just last week I had 2 photographers from this city call me to ask if they could second shoot for me and THEY HAVE THERE OWN STUDIOS-

Well today I came into the office and another photographer called wanting to talk to me so I thought..I need to blog.

To everyone interested in shooting with me I do have Shadowing program and it is FOUR thousand dollars and I currently have a shadowier. I will only take 5 shadowiers a year.

Half is due upon booking to ensure your slot.
I have 3 openings left for 2009..so if you are one of the photographers that have been calling me (u know who u are) please call Jenn to set an appointment up for me to explain the shadowing program to you.

I would encourage everyone to shoot from the heart...that is what I have always done.

Don't copy other photographers images..you should be developing your own style of shooting.

I wish everybody the very best and I totally love what I do..I live and breathe my art..I always have a camera on me and I am always thinking of images-

When I am booked solid I tend to send my Bride and grooms to the select few photographers in town that I consider my friends and I know they do a great job :)
Keep warm KC...spring is right around the corner (I have been day dreaming of the beach...)