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Friends from around the World!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lora and Kenyon

So Sweet and Very Touching!

I recently had the pleasure of shooting my good friend Kindra Brown of "Simple Elegance"
vow renewal...and what a sweetie her and her family are. It was so sweet and very touching. If any of you girls want a WONDERFUL wedding planner then look no further and contact Kindra at www.iplanyourwedding.com
Here are a few photos of her and Kevin's vow renewal~

What EJ Does On A Sunday After A Wedding!

This is what EJ does when he isn't shooting weddings...

Teri, EJ You Guys Rock!

As Kasey and I began the fatiguing task of planning the wedding of our dreams it was agreed upon both of us that lasting impressions of the day were essential. Not only did we want pictures of quality but most importantly we wanted memories to display for years to come. After first meeting Teri and witnessing the joy and passion she exudes we quickly grew excited to have her capture our day. She is such a wonderful photographer and an absolute riot to be around. Although Teriʼs devotion was needed elsewhere on our day of commitment her life long partner gladly fulfilled her obligations. We couldnʼt have been more surprised that not only is Teri such an ease to be around but her husband as well. His professionalism and creative mind turned out some of the best shots weʼve taken. EJ did a remarkable job capturing the joy and happiness we shared through the day. Itʼs such a rare thing these days to find good people who enjoy and take pride in what they do. . Because of Flashesʼ artistic moments in time we will always have the memories and feelings of that day to share forever.
Teri, EJ You guys rock!!
Antonio & Kasey

Monday, July 23, 2007

What a Sweet Bride and Groom!

Keri and Jay,

I just wanted to publicly thank you so much for your healthy gratuity :) at the end of your wedding day! That was so thoughtful and kind!!! That sure meant a lot to me and I loved coming to Chicago to shoot your wedding! It was a lot of fun! See you guys soon.

Made me feel like family!

I just have to thank Brooke And Dustin publicly for putting me in their program and the gift they gave me!!! Your thoughtfulness brought tears to my eyes~You guys made me feel like family and I just love you!

How Thoughtful!

I need to also thank Autumn and Boyd and their family~ YOU guys shocked me by sending flowers from Maui to me!!! Oh my gosh...how thoughtful and kind are you? I teared up on that one for sure...thanks for making my world brighter and I consider you all like family!
Love You Guys!!!!

Allie and Ronnie- You Rock!

Thank you so much Allie and Ronnie for your gift certificate to the plaza- your wedding was so much fun and I just think the world of you guys!!! Thanks again...you rock!

What a Sweetheart!

Thank you ABBEY!! I want to thank Abby publicly for her gift to me!!! Oh my gosh I was so surprised and touched I teared up...Okay this is what this sweetheart of a bride did for me...I shot her engagements and she is a doll- any how her last outfit was so cute...I just loved her sweater! Well I'll be... if a couple of days later I got a gift in the mail from her and it was that same cool sweater in my size! Thank you so much Abby..I just love ya girl! :)