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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thank you so much Tram!

Okay everyone I have to tell you about a beautiful girl that came in to my studio on the 19th of this month (I had just gotten over the flu and had been really sick for almost a week and that whole week was spent in bed) so I was just happy to be feeling great and in walks Tram...she has long, shinny perfect black hair (I totally love long hair) and this perfect sweet smile..she loved my work and I was already thinking of shots I wanted to do of her while I was talking to her ( I tend to to do that)
Anyhow she is going to be a awesome Bride...beautiful inside and out :)
Well I opened up the mail- I am alittle behind on that :)- and she sends me a gift certificate for a COUPLES Massage!!!! Plus a sweet Thank you card...
I just want to say thank you Tram for bringing sunshine to my day! I can't wait to photograph your wedding!

You made us look like rockstars!!!!!


I knew from the moment we stepped into your office that your work would be fabulous. I had no idea at that time, however, just how AMAZING our photos would be. You made us look like rock stars on the best day of our lives! Your talent is undeniable and your passion for your work is reflected in every single photo you take. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for capturing the perfection of our wedding day!


Rae Chelle and Ryan Davis

Rae Chelee and Ryan wedding...what a beautiufl day!

Hey Kansas City...check out a few of these snaps I took on Jan3 rd of Rae Chelee and Ryan.

They were both so sweet and the most laid back and fun couple! I had a blast covering there day :)

Ceremony was at the Redemptorist Church and Reception was at The Hilton Presidents Hotel (which I actually did a 8 page Bridal shoot for the PWG magazine when this hotel reopened a few years back)

Enjoy the snaps of art....
Click on the link of them above and you can send ecards and see more of their beautiful day!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

JENNY AND CHRIS..I have to share a few because they are fabulous!!!

I have photographed so many weddings over the last 10 years and what I love about weddings ...there is NO 2 weddings alike and that is why I want to share these images with you-

I LOVE...LOVE...this photograph above because it is very simple and sweet....this totally reminds me of a Hallmark card. Jenny is as sweet as she looks in person.

I adore her and her gentle spirit. She got ready for her wedding at her house and her maid of honor had "played" wedding since they were kids...that is why this photograph is so special to me because I captured her happiness about her entire day!!!

The best part is CHECK OUT HER CAT...ha this just made me smile..after this shot the cat took off :)

Friday, January 02, 2009

Favorite Vendor Party of 2008

I have to say one more thing about 2008...The Perfect Wedding Guide threw a GREAT holiday party..my favorite in party in years..the food was awesome..friends were all there ..it really helped kick start the holidays for sure :)
Thanks again..Ellen!
Here is a shot of me and the hubby keeping it fresh in the KC photobooth!!!

2009 IT's going to be a great year!!!!

It is really 2009 and I know it is going to be a wonderful year :)
The wedding we had at club 1000 on New Year's eve was awesome!! Eddie (my hubby) shot with me and we had a blast getting gorgeous photographs of Maggie and Rich!
Maggie and I totally bonded and she told me she loved me and I told her I loved her too (You would have had to have been there to "get" the moment...ha)
Eddie and I didn't end our night until about 2am!

I have to say and give a BIG thank you to my hubby...the guy fixes me breakfast every weekend-(even when he has a wedding) and brings it to me in bed--no kidding...He has gone above and beyond being my dream guy by the pampering :)
He has been doing that for about 2 years, after 18 years of marriage...I just smile and say thanks baby- your the best!

Rich..actually asked Eddie what was our secret to a great marriage was (I would have told him it is because he married a Gemini...smiles) and he told him separate checking accounts....I think that's funny because I don't care if he buys what he wants and vice verse...life is just too short to get hung up on little things :)

Bottom line..have fun with your mate...keep it fresh & fun and ALWAYS try new things!!!!

We've got a cool wedding to photograph tomorrow at the Redemptorist and reception at The Hilton Presidents Hotel- Rae Chelle and Ryan..and they both are so much fun to be around- I can't wait to document their wedding :) the shot above was taken at the Presidents for her Bridal Portrait ...