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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thank you Digital Odeon!!!

Just wanted to give a shout out to Digital Odeon and a big THANK YOU!
Yesterday- the guys from Digital Odeon came by and brought me the coolest handmade blanket from Turkey! WOW it is so cool-thanks guys :)

We got together for lunch and they took me to Longhorn for a big steak (my favorite)
These guys are so amazing at video films...and what a blessing they are to Kansas City!

If you Brides are looking for the BEST video and film makers for your wedding- look no farther because this company ROCKS!!!
If you go to wedding gallery one on my site and then click on my favorite vendors..you can view their website...enjoy and they just went INTERNATIONAL!!! I will see them on Sunday at Trams event.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I will be shooting for another INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE this year!!!!

God is so God!!!
I am so excited about my next INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE assignment!! YUP..more info later Kansas City...this one is going to be VERY cool!!!
Just when I thought it couldn't get any better...God does something amazing!

I will unveil the project as it unfolds :)


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Look at this WOW!!

Okay..is this not hot? She is so breathtaking in this photograph.



It was a long day of shooting and Skye and Jennifer's last night at the Resort and so we went up to their room with Tram and we did sexy bedroom shots ...boudoir.

We shot all over that resort bedroom ..we had a blast. While we were shooting Brook, Brooke and Brandon went to grab dinner for all of us and we ended up having a feast.

I made some great life long friendships in the Bahamas!!!

I will post more of the guys too...they are fabulous!!!

Kansas City Brides..do you need luxury Hair and fantastic Make-up?

RAVE~ I have to tell you about my new best friend Brook and Crystal that work at SOLE saloon and Boutique in historical downtown Liberty! They are amazing!!

They specialize in bridal parties and private events! They will close their saloon for you or visit you in your hotel room to get you ready for your special event.:)

These girls are the newest and hottest in trends and fresh on the wedding scene to Kansas City! The rates are awesome..call them at 816.429.7265

The web site will be up and running as soon as I get all their photos done :)
I was blessed to hand pick my team for the recent Bahama's Magazine shoot (including models with magazine approval) and I totally had to have Brook...she could create every hair style imaginable to the mind and I was impressed. Thank you Brook for all your hard work (and work we did!)

I will be posting images from the shoot in 24 hrs, hope you guys enjoy them!
The first photo on the top left is Brooke (my daughter)- this is a fun romantic speciality style.

Above on the right is a photo of Tram ( I love her and this image) This is soft, sexy hair! Tram is getting married this year to Peter and I am doing the wedding :) Tram is so sweet too..I love these girls and they are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside!

The make up on this event was done by Staci Broski, she did a good job on the make up.


Thursday, May 07, 2009

Ashley and Weslely..said Holy smokes...

Teri!!Oh my gosh! I don't even know where to start..... You did such an amazing job at my wedding last Saturday I can't even believe it. Not only are you amazing to work with you take absolutely stunning photos!! You also know how to make a bride feel good! I had so many people come up to me during and after the wedding asking who you were and that they wanted you at their wedding. Thank you for making my wedding feel like even more of a fairytale than it already was!! I will be seeing you soon.Always with love,Ashley Brooke Brown

Holy Smokes- The pics so far are truly amazing!!! Wow! I am sorry for emailing you again, but all i can say is wow wow wow!! I am jumping out of my seat I am so excited. THANK YOU!!! People are going to go nuts you know! You did a more than outstanding job

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Here we go Kansas City The Ines Del Mar Magazine photos just a peak and I photographed in John Travolta's condo and it was VERY cool

I Just want to say that The Old Bahama Bay is AMAZING!!! You have to go there! I did not want to leave..
I was blessed to combine 2 assignments at once this April- I was on a Wedding magazine assignment for Ines Del Mar Magazine and shooting for The Old Bahama Bay Resort...to make this a more amazing trip "get married" flew down to film me shooting!!!
That will be shown on Lifetime in the fall, on Get Married with Colin Cowe.

What was really special to me is that my daughter Brooke was picked out of a pool of models for this magazine! They did not know that she was my daughter when they picked her and she ROCKED at this. All these years I have waited to photograph her in a wedding dress ..we had so much fun! We took 4 other models that were just as beautiful..I will be posting their photos later... can you believe she is only 15? A BIG THANKS to http://www.bridalextraordinaire.com/ for providing all the dresses and accessories!!!

If you are looking for beautiful wedding dresses, why look anywhere else? I truly think they are the BEST!!!

Back from the Bahama's!!!

Hey Everybody..I just wanted to post some awesome shots of Ashley and Wesley Brown at the Presidents Hotel before I put up my Island photos.
I have been swamped and ended up getting the flu :(
So here come photos that you all have been waiting for....
Ashley is a knock out Bride and Wesley is very GQ..yes I do seem to always photograph beautiful people!

Amazing Hair!!!

Everyone, you MUST check out Brook Hixson for all your hair needs!!! She is the BEST around! Check out her new salon at http://www.solesalonkc.com/ or call her at 816-429-7265 to make an appointment today! Brook joined us for the fashion shoot in the Bahamas and the hair rocked!
Stay tuned for more pictures from the beautiful Bahamas tonight!!!