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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kansas City are you ready for some romantic shots? Let me introduce to Kim and Robert King.

This cake is Awesome! Dragon Fly made it.

I love this photograph- romantic and sexy

Kim made this herself! Wow I LOVE it!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I am only doing 25 weddings next year & I am almost booked solid....

I love photographing and I adore weddings...but I really want to spend more time with my family..traveling and showing Joey & Brooke some sweet places in the US.
Eddie and I are going to be celebrating 20 years together at the beginning of Nov...that is very rare today.
I am very thankful for my family and I thank God for the talent he has given me. :)

Thank you Nicole and Sean... a $4oo.oo Tip from this sweet couple!

I just dig this shot!!! It makes me smile, hope it does everyone else too :)

I just wanted to publicly thank Nicole and Sean for the 400.00 dollar tip they gave me on thier Wedding day. That was so thoughtful..and it meant allot to me so A BIG THANK YOU to both of you!! :)

Lindsay and Brad- a picture perfect couple! They are so sweet and so fun to be around..take a peak into the Wedding Kansas City-

I Love this picture...please check the website for more pics of Lindsay & Brad this week, they have so many cool photos!

Los Cabos Mexico Wedding- It was everything I thought it would be and I LOVE JOLYNNE & ERIC...these shots are smokin HOT Kansas City!

Teri, I know you are super swamped right now. But I definately wanted to touch base with you to express my gratitude to you and Eddie! :) I knew last year when we contracted with you we had choose the best, but WOW!! I never in a million years imagined how great our experience would be. We have georgeous pictures that literally make you feel Los Cabos all over again! Not only are our pictures the absolute best, but you and Eddie are amazing! Everybody loves you guys, ESPECIALLY Eric and I :) Thank you guys again for absolutely everything. Eric and I are will be forever grateful! Thanks again! Love~JoLynne

Terri and Eddie- You guys are effin AWESOME! Its been a crazy couple of weeks- and I'm sure you have been every bit as busy as we have. You have completely blown away anything I ever thought photographers could do. I haven't stopped telling people how great you guys are. Thank you both so much for just KILLING IT in cabo and kansas city. You are two of the most pleasurable and patient folks I've ever met. HUGE heartfelt THANKS FOREVERYTHING!!!

They have SOOOO many good pictures, these are only a few.
I will be posting more!

Check back on the website later in the week- Jolynne and Eric will have their own website Gallery along with other weddings too!

Eric didn't miss a drop either!

We had a toga party too! Sheets from our beds-ha...this was a fun group!

We danced on the beach...

She didn't miss a drop :)

THIS IS SO FUNNY..what you don't know is the groom Eric had to put me on his shoulders and took me out to the middle of the pool to get a few shots ...I was shooting with my Nikon D-3 only 5 grand for the body..thanks Eric for taking good care of me and my camera! :)

I can't say enough great things about this couple- they are in LOVE and so right for each other!
Hey guys- I'm coming over for the Holiday parties!!!